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This has been the soundtrack to my day so far

Professor Green - Avalon (Lyrics) ft. Sierra Kusterbeck (by ProfessorGreenVEVO)

Pleased to see my fave Professor Green track getting a push

Totally forgot how good an album Paloalto’s Heroes And Villians is

How have I not encountered this Foo Fighters cover of Baker Street before? 

Can’t seem to get ‘212’ by Azealia Banks out of my head today.

And frankly, why would I want to? 

The Skints - On A Mission (Katy B Cover)

Who’s for some late night ska/reggae?

Currently addicted to Jessie J’s new track ‘Domino’.

Also the only person other than Kanye able to get away with that Versace for H&M jacket.


Duran Duran - Girl Panic! (by DuranDuranVEVO)

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, this video features Cindy, Naomi, Eva, Helena & Yasmin as Duran Duran & they all look fan-fucking-tabulous. I think all the supers have aged well, even the ones who have had a lot of work done still wear it well. There’s a fantastic editorial in the December issue of the Bazaar UK feature the women on the video set.

The video also features pretty slim young girls in lingerie making out in swanky hotel rooms, which is something else I love, but mostly this video just made me want to watch George Michael’s Freedom 90 & Too Funky videos, which are two of my favourite videos of all time! Plus, a super montage video without Linda makes me feel empty & sad.

If it’s not got supermodels, it’s not a Duran Duran video.

Oh for a return of the 1980s. 

Yeah it’s country, yeah it’s Glen Campbell and yeah I like it.