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  1. Thought for the Day

    Based on an idea from someone on Twitter, regarding people on the Tube wearing “I’m Up For A Chat” badges*, wouldn’t it be nice if we all talked to each other more? Not just social networking sites and blogs like this, but proper conversations. And with strangers/new people too.

    *for the uninitiated/from foreign climes, the London Underground is possibly one of the most anti-social places in existence….Oi, watch you’re putting that suitcases. Wanker.**

    **Also, we Brits are really good at swearing. 

  2. "But the problem with slut-shaming goes way beyond the problem of a double-standard. It’s not just that men and women both engage in slutty behavior and therefore no one has a right to throw stones—it’s that there is nothing wrong with slutty behavior (or, as I like to call it, behavior) in the first place."

    Oh for a society that would accept this as a given

    Source: Rihanna Does Whatever She Wants With Her Vagina and for Some Reason That’s a Problem
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